The Sundry To Close This Weekend

The operators of The Sundry have announced that Saturday, June 22, will be their final day of operation in the UnCommons development on Durango Drive. The news ends weeks of speculation, as the food hall had drastically reduced its offerings recently.

The Sundry is operated by Table One Hospitality. That company’s CEO, Patrick Yumul, has issued the following statement:

The Sundry was created through a bold, imaginative vision to bring a cosmopolitan food hall to Las Vegas locals. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to serve the community as we envisioned. On behalf of our team, I want to thank the talented chefs and restaurateurs, vendors, and our amazing team, who came together to bring The Sundry to life. We also want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the many locals who visited us regularly. This has been an exciting and humbling journey, and we will miss it.

The Sundry opened a year ago this month. It was among the first food venues in the UnCommons project, and by far the largest. Operated by a company staffed by F&B veterans (many with a history at The Mina Group), it offered over a dozen culinary concepts, including several extensions of popular local brands, and a handful of celebrity chef imports from California. And it was celebrated by many (including this author) as a milestone in bringing celebrity chefs to the Las Vegas suburbs.

Unfortunately, the ordering system (originally all-digital) confused some customers. Others felt the prices were a bit too high for the ‘burbs. And the timing of the opening, while the UnCommons project remained mostly vacant and Durango Drive was mired in construction, certainly didn’t help during the early months. The team eventually began condensing the offerings, and offering traditional meus and service. But the changes appear to have come too late to salvage the venue.

A new concept for the space is expected to be announced “in the coming months.”